Would you like to get lost on an island and live the best experiences? Hiking, climbing, scuba diving, flying, rowing… The possibilities of these islands seem countless. With the rampant increase in cheap flights and package deals, even once hidden islands are now full of tourists on journeys of personal discovery.



De todas las islas del Caribe, esta es la mejor para la práctica del senderismo. Sus caminos llegan hasta acantilados volcánicos, cascadas, selvas, fumarolas, charcos de lodo y lagos de agua hirviendo. Todo ello rodeado por unas aguas cristalinas.

Best place to get lost? The Waitukubuli National Trail. Fondly known as the WNT,    the trail covers 114 miles, spanning and twisting the length of Dominica. Along the way it will take you through coastal villages, up woodland hills, into lush rainforest, past waterfalls, down to rivers, back up to the mountains and then down again to the sea.



This place is a diving paradise. Here are three quarters of the world’s coral species and there are over a thousand different types of fish, including rays and schools of hammerhead sharks. It is located in the spectacular Coral Triangle of the western Pacific. It has 1,500 small islands, cays and sandbanks. The most important places are Kabui Passage, Sawandarek, Yenbuba and Friwen Wall. In addition, there are interesting cave paintings and plenty of beaches to relax on.



A diversity of landscapes that will amaze the visitor: paradisiacal beaches of hot water, cliffs of volcanic rock, cliffs of white calcareous rock, rivers, ponds, marshes and lagoons…a coastline preserved from urbanization. It is not necessary to go to the beautiful Bermuda Islands or the Maldives to find paradise, as paradise is in Corsica.



Tens of thousands of people visit each year to climb the island’s rocks. The northwestern part of Kalymnos is filled with wall-like cliffs that are ideal for climbing. The rock climbing trend can be traced back to 1996 when a group of Italian visitors showed an appreciation for the island’s stone formations, climate and overall landscape.



This is a place that should be visited by all kitesurfers. It stands out for its white coasts, constant winds and hotels at the edge of the sea. In winter thousands of visitors create a real party atmosphere.

Bulabog beach is the most popular place, and stands out for its beautiful lagoon protected by a reef that provides calm waters fed by constant winds. At the end of the day the windless beach of White Beach is an ideal place to enjoy an impressive sunset.