Do you want to discover a surf paraside? Prepare your surfboard for Morocco! Lonely beaches, more than 1.800 kilometers of sand and sea, excellent year-round weather and incredible waves. Morocco has become the favorite destination for European surfers for some years now. Due to its warm temperatures and proximity to France, Spain and Portugal, wave lovers travel every winter along these coasts to enjoy this sport.


Surfing is becoming more common in places like Mehdia, Safi, Taghazout or Agadir, where renting shops for equipment have sprung up. The great quality waves attract surfers from all over the world to come to surf them regularly.

The coasts of Taghazout, a fishing and tourist village of Berber origin, are the ideal location for surfing and windsurfing. The best season to surf in Taghazout is from September to April, because you can enjoy all kinds of water sports. You can find plenty of surf shops, surf camps, surf schools and surfaris.

The waves of the Casablanca and Rabat regions offer good quality, worthy of a getaway. With so many kilometres of coastline, imagine how many points there are to practice this sport!



After a long day of surfing, you can’t leave Morocco without trying its homemade and Delicious gastronomy. From the tajines to the couscous, passing through their breads, their sweets or the food they sell in the street stalls. And of course… the drinks! Don’t forget to try the incredible orange juices and natural teas.


Souks are the soul of Morocco. More than a market, it’s the place where heart and city reside. Neighbours meet there and tell each other about the latest gossip, comment on the news of the country and the world, go shopping but also let themselves be seen, talk and observe. There you can find handcrafted products, food, animals… and anything that comes to mind!

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Cheerful, hospitable and always ready to help whenever you need it. It would be rare for you to leave Morocco without a few new friends in this North African country. Don’t forget to talk to them and ask them for advice about your trip, whether it’s surfing or anything else. One of the most beautiful things about travelling is meeting new people 😊