Apple, Google and PlayStation announced this year’s most entertaining apps, titles, and breakthroughs. Thousands of applications with hundreds of possibilities: adding movement to images, learning languages thanks to song lyrics, virtual reality… These are the most popular applications for everyday life, entertainment or the great discoveries of 2018. Here is the list:


This application allows the user to learn more than 31 languages. The novelty is that it teaches languages dedicating only five minutes a day, in a very visual way, through fun games.



Allows you to add motion to your photos. The use of Vimage is very simple: we choose the image, whatever it is, of our mobile and in the first step we will see that it will invite us to make some basic adjustments of exposure, contrast, rotate, rotate … Once we know how we want it, then it will offer us a lot of video effects.


Keep Trainer

Don’t you want to pay for a gym? This application has more than 400 exercises to control your activity and control your body from home.


Tasty Recipes is an application which shows how to cook in a funnier way than with a traditional cookbook. All you’ll need is a two-minute video in which you can see step by step how to cook any dish.


Fornite and PUBG Mobile

Fortnite is a light-hearted action, shooting and survival game for PCs, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and iOS and Android devices. The online multiplayer game has popularized, along with “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, the style of game known as “battle royale”. A style that consists of all competing against all to see who gets the last one.